2. About the ACF

Welcome into the world of high-performance driving in the Northeast, should you choose to drag yourself into it. 

We’ve got a small group together that are sensible, stable folks, but that also like to try to have a little bit of fun with their cars and are either mildly or wildly “car people”. None of us (the current "us" anyway) do much wrenching, so we’re not “gear heads” and none of us are mechanics. We’ve got doctors, college professors, business people, business consultants, and the occasional lowly technology consultant like me. We’re united in a pledge to try to enjoy this passion without too much hardship upon our spouses and children. And we try to support family balance just as much as we try to encourage fun times that may pull us from some or all of our family.

If this sounds like a group of folks you can relate to and deal with, then welcome to the Automobile Club de FASRI (ACF). FASRI is the school where my kids go and was a convenient nexus for starting the club, but we’ve grown beyond the confines of the school already and no proceedings are in French.

Our only formalities so far are that we have t-shirts and a potential prize to be handed out in late fall (at a little soiree at Castle Hill in Newport if all goes to plan). The prize is for the person who gets around the autocross course at Quonset Point the fastest during an ADSI event in their family hauler, whatever that may be. If you can stuff kids into it, it qualifies. I’m sure we’ll come up with other comical awards as well since this whole shebang is about laughing and having a good time.

As with any group, we’ve got a few ardent members and many others who are looking for the right time to get more involved. Don’t be dismayed by the crazy ones like me and take it all at your own speed. If its not your thing or your speed, feel free to bail anytime. My goal is to make entry as easy as I can for those who want to enter with frequent encouragement, but I want everyone to feel comfortable.