Results From the 3rd Annual French American School Karting Grand Prix

On February 12th, we rev'ed up our electric motors at R1 Indoor Karting, the new karting facility in Lincoln, RI, for our 3rd annual French American School Karting Grand Prix. This new facility is preferable in a few ways over our prior destination. This is much closer to us, generating a better turnout, they were quite a bit easier to work with to set up the event, and they have a dedicated, full-time junior track so for the first year this wasn't a parents-only event! We had a few veterans but lots of new faces and lots of kids!

Can We Just Drive Already??

It has been a long winter. A very, very, very long winter. Not to say that I didn't have some driving fun on the low traction surface. But getting feet of the white stuff each time converted much playtime into time wasted moving the white stuff around, at least for me. I hope you all had a plow guy doing that instead! But we're starting to see temps in the 50's (F) and the snow is starting to become scarce. And we know what that means! Play time in cars!!