Cheap Telemetry - Part 1

This is not exactly what it looks like back at the ranch when I head out on track today. But as most of you know, I subscribe to the philosophy that it is difficult to improve if you don't measure. For most of the amateur events I do, rudimentary timing is often available which, for the most part, is plenty good. It was far more than I needed at the outset since, in retrospect, I was a terrible driver. And I'm still no great shakes, I come to realize. But getting better is the goal and having a way to measure progress is important to me. So here is part 1 in a greater investigation of the measurement tools, otherwise known as telemetry in racing circles, that a fiscally conservative person like me has looked at. I say fiscally conservative because there are tools that are as cheap as free and others that cost tens of thousands of dollars. Without a multi-million dollar F1 contract in hand, I try to tend toward the free end of the equation and see how far I can get before I plunk down more money. Yes, it's for the children. So let's take a look. (Photo from

The ADSI Autocross Experience - 4/26/15

Autocross early in the season can be a mix of frustration and freezing along with joy and elation. When we started up last March (2014), the day was downright inhospitable. Massive soaking rains. Rather cold. Against everyone's better judgement, we pushed hard to have the event anyway. And we were pretty glad at the end. The joy and elation came through despite the tough conditions. This year proved to be drastically different.

ACF Crew, Start Your Engines!

As the ice melts, the tarmac is starting to warm up and the inaugural 2015 ADSI driving school and autocross event is this weekend on Sunday 4/26 8am-5pm. To say that I'm ready to get back into my car is a gross understatement. It was such a long winter that I feel like I'll be spending the first month just re-learning things I knew last year. But if that's the worst problem I face, I'm still a rather lucky bastard. 2015 is looking bright...

Can We Just Drive Already??

It has been a long winter. A very, very, very long winter. Not to say that I didn't have some driving fun on the low traction surface. But getting feet of the white stuff each time converted much playtime into time wasted moving the white stuff around, at least for me. I hope you all had a plow guy doing that instead! But we're starting to see temps in the 50's (F) and the snow is starting to become scarce. And we know what that means! Play time in cars!!

Inaugural ACF Karting Challenge at F1 Boston Results

The ACF crew finally had a day where it didn't snow a foot to get ourselves up to the F1 Boston facility in Braintree, MA for an afternoon of kart racing. The tensions were high with this being new turf for many of the participants. It was great to see some new faces and meet some new people. Our racers included Andrew E., Karen E., Genevieve E. (the Ellison clan was a dominant group not to be trifled with!), Rob M., Joe A., Peter G., Tom D., Jean-Yves C., Fred C., Michael B., and Sterling V. We lost Louise J. to illness, Alex SdB. to his son not feeling well, and poor Attilio lost a radiator hose or caught on fire or something on his way up route 95. We weren't happy to hear that news. But he and his kids did get home safely. We missed everyone who could not make it and hope to have more events so we can all get in on the action.

As we waited for our fearless leader Jean-Yves to locate the track, we signed our lives away and did some trash talking. Once we were all assembled, we watched a safety and procedural video to teach us all how to behave on track. Not that we ended up following any of those rules. But we did suit up for battle in helmets, full race suits and neck braces.

ACF Kart Racing Event - January 24, 2015 - 11am - F1Boston Braintree, MA

The snow hasn't even fallen in anger yet, and I'm already missing the race track. So let's plan to meet up at F1 Boston for kart racing!! I'm looking at 11am on Jan 24, 2015 (Saturday). Unless you are a skier, you'll just be sitting home freezing so come have some fun! I am a skier and I'm still going to love doing this. The track is located at 290 Wood Rd Braintree, MA 02184.

The ADSI Experience 11/30/14

After a chilly run up to Sunday November 30th, we awoke to a day that would prove to be absolutely gorgeous - sunny, relatively warm, and no better than we could ask for at the end of November! 

I fired up my season-worn car and hit the road early on the way to meeting up with a few folks before pulling up to the unmarked gates of Valhalla known as ADSI at Quonset Point. Attilio was ready to roll in his driveway, thankfully, since the local ATM machines were not cooperative with my schedule that morning and I was a little late. We rolled out of Lincoln quickly and set off to rendezvous with Jean-Yves in Cranston to add another turbo-charger to our fleet. He, too, was quite ready to roll that morning. After punching me for some sort of thing (in jest of course), we jumped into our trio of rides and set off to meet Josh for the first time.